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by Martin Eden Mercury at Nov 2, 2015
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The election season is upon us. The premise is this: independent voices are needed to rise above the cacophony of impending catastrophe, coming out of the noise machines of the two major political parties. Without independent voices, the American voter is faced with the false choice of picking one of two similarly partisan, political prophesies of vote for us, or face a dystopian future. The competing dystopian fictions being proffered are; we face living in a totally unregulated, free market based society, hostile to altruism and compassion; or we face living in a totalitarian, collectivist society, bereft of, and hostile to individuality and liberty. I emphatically reject both of these fictions coming out of the two major political parties. This independent voice is not proposing voting for or against any particular candidate based on their party affiliation alone. Candidates who do form their own message deserve attention and close scrutiny. I hope to stay true to judging candidates on their own individual message, if indeed they offer up one.​