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    Videos that various Churches receiving them, could have saved Ferguson MO
    Life Lessons
    Jewish immigration, land purchases & settlement in Palestine generated increased resistance by Palestinians. Proof letter of concern:**1 ( Abdullah bin al-Hussein Amman on: 11 Thul Hijja 1364 Corresponding to: 16 November 1945 Presidency of the Arab League - Cairo
    "The Arab nation is wailing the urgent magnanimity of the Arab States and there is no time to waste, otherwise the Jews will be able to *buy* new lands & push new immigrants to Palestine.")*
    They wanted Arab immigration into Palestine on a monthly basis & in #'s equal to the Jewish immigrants. JNF purchased large tracts from absentee Arab landowners, & were *evicted by Brits* in formation of the Jewish portion, but also because the Wars Arabs had started many of the leaders became exiled during the crucial time which the future of Palestine was decided. (purchases in Arab neighborhoods being mandated Jewish territory, had prejudiced Arabs claim theft of land as a propaganda ploy.
    Their reactions/violence liken to prejudice reactions & violence against Black people when they moved into white areas. Jews were a truly despised minority, not allowed to have a place to live if it meant changing the makeup of the middle eastern neighborhood.
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