Jan 6, 2012
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    1. Dalia
      Hello, what you mean by this ? Eh?!
    2. westwall
      This is a friendly reminder to not post inflammatory material. Please don't make me upgrade it to a warning.
    3. Meathead
      Dull, my Finnish flop, is posting completely irrelevant stuff and then being to much of a coward to deal with being called on its stupidity. Trying to take the high road and change the subject is pretty feeble. I never called you an asshole btw, but I did say you were disingenuous and of course stupid. I don't get into that 'asshole' stuff either, but I do call out abject stupidity and cowardice when I come across it.
    4. Saigon
      No offense, meathead, but I find all of the testosterone here a bit dull. It doesn't bother me, but it's just not my thing. I enjoy satarising posts sometimes, but I rarely get into all of this "You're an asshole" stuff.
    5. ecks_why
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    September 11, 2001: A day "... that some people did something."

    The Honorable US Representative Ilhan Omar