Blanka (Street Fighter): Lycanthropy!

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    When the Street Fighter video game franchise first introduced audiences to the menacing wonder that was Blanka (a semi-beast hopping brutish maniac), everyone was excited about the prospect that new age video games were exploring the idea of gritty hand-to-hand combat in provocative ways.

    Since then, games such as Mortal Kombat X and GoldenEye have certainly delivered home the message that new age video games require an appreciation of the Hitchcock-esque focus on 'shock-value' action-adventure.

    Maybe the new Pokemon/Digimon empire will take us back to an age when action-adventure was also mixed with peaceful storytelling, but until then, Blanka will remain an icon of 'hellfire gaming.'

    That's why I like referencing Blanka in any anthropological discussion or historian-evaluation of the 'lycanthropy' of new age video games.

    Do you have a favorite new age video game that reminds you of the 'charm' of Blanka?


    BLANKA: I will break you!
    RYU: Eat fireball.
    BLANKA: Jumping over them!
    RYU: Eat floor.
    BLANKA: Hopping back up!
    RYU: You're a beast!
    BLANKA: Aaargghhh!
    RYU: Ever ride a bicycle?
    BLANKA: Phew!
    RYU: Return from where you came.
    BLANKA: Hell!
    RYU: It's a bridge to Sega!


    Blanka (Street Fighter Wiki)


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