Ex-Toronto cop granted day parole after less than 2 years behind bars for killing teen

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    The Parole Board doesn't realize it, this decision is a local one, but it will resonate in the federal election. Just read the comments in the article, CBC is usually lucky to get 20 comments, there are over 700. Canadians in particular are extremely angry at the unaccountable police apparatus in Canada that freely destroys lives, abuses rights and is not held to account. To the point of not being questioned or forced to be transparent about their own activities. Stuff you'd never see in America where you and media question all authority to defend your individual rights.

    So, as much as this is a local issue, it reminds people of the types of abuses former conservative leader Harper allowed of police agencies under his watch, while Trudeau has taken an almost excessive position of demanding lawsuit settlements (while still avoiding firing of bad apples, which is amazing really) rather than trying to defend bad behaviour from police agencies. Again, Americans wouldn't understand this. There are a few cops on here I'm sure, and you happily take the word of Canadian cops. You have little clue about how this system works, it's not at all as it seems...the manufacturing of threats is systemic.

    In Ontario, without question, the respect for TPS and OPP is the lowest I've ever seen it. This case in particular angered Canadians, and this early release is a loud reminder of the hypocrisy and unfair justice system we have. It defies logic.

    The case of this guy was startling. There were allegations, he was at the very top of ALL police in pulling his gun in his career, something like top .001 percent. He was supposed to have had a meeting with a superior per protocol, it was passed over ("clearly some wanted him to move up the ranks and this meeting would hurt his chances in his HR file), he was the only cop of 20+ who even pulled his gun. After the kid was hit with 9 bullets, another tasered the limp body. All caught on video. There were suggestions by some he had anger issues.

    He represents precisely the kind of cop that should NOT have been hired. His arrogance during the trial on full display. Now, this. It will cost the conservatives who are seen as pro police to the point of fascism by many on the fence. Andrew Scheer has tried to shake the Harper comparisons, this, unfairly or not, reminds people of what it was like federally just a few years ago.


    The family of a teenager shot to death by Const. James Forcillo say were stunned after the Toronto police officer was granted day parole less than two years into his sentence.

    Forcillo was convicted of attempted murder in 2016 in the killing of Sammy Yatim, which took place in 2013 on a Toronto streetcar. He has served 21 months in prison, a term that began in November 2017 after a lengthy appeal process.
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