Inside the Plan to Flip Blue States in 2020

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    One move is to try to flip New Mexico.

    When President Donald Trump steps on stage for a campaign rally in Rio Rancho, New Mexico next week, even his own campaign staffers know he will be facing long odds. A Republican candidate for President hasn’t won the state since 2004, when George W. Bush beat John Kerry there by a margin of just 5,988 votes. Trump himself lost the state by eight points to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and his disapproval rating among registered voters there is a crushing 57%, according to the Morning Consult voter tracking poll.

    New Mexico is not the only state.

    The move is part of a series of bets Trump is making to win states that went for Clinton in 2016. Trump’s son-in-law and senior White House advisor Jared Kushner says that voter data has convinced the reelection effort to fund robust field operations in a much larger number of states than in 2016. “I can see us very aggressively playing in 18 swing states,” Jared Kushner tells TIME, adding that in his view, the 2016 Trump campaign “seriously played” in about 11 swing states.

    And the campaign is flush with money - $100 million on hand. The RNC also has a lot of cash on hand while the DNC is struggling to pay bills.

    And, of course, the article points to “Trump’s sagging job approval ratings.”

    Where do they come up with that garbage? Maybe they should get out of their offices and drive around to see all the new construction and businesses opening and reopening.

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