John Nolte explains why people today are fascinated with Dystopia P**n, like the "Zombie Apocalypse"

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    John Nolte, once again, nails it.....why are people today fascinated with the end of the world .......

    Nolte: Dystopia Porn Channels Our Spiritual Desolation, Not Our 'Anxieties'

    Let me put it this way… If Dystopia Porn is indeed a reaction to America’s anxiety over poverty, insecurity, racism, and blah, blah, retard, blah, what that means is that since about 2010, when Dystopia Porn really took off, we’ve been living through the worst of times — which by any objective measure, simply isn’t true.

    The truth, the unvarnished and unimpeachable truth, is that for the last decade, thanks to the miracle of America, we’re living through the very best of times… The era of penicillin and too much to eat and central heating and refrigeration and the light bulb and air conditioning and cheap goods and the end of the Cold War and a computer in your pocket and a country filled with vastly different people who live together in almost perfect harmony… Which means that if you’re still anxious over these times, it only proves you’re a big fucking baby.

    And the fact that you’re a big fucking baby, the fact that you’re wringing your hands over Trump’s next tweet or having to pay for your own college education or that free speech sometimes makes you uncomfortable, says nothing about the times in which we live. It only says something about you, and what it says is that you’re a big fucking baby.
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