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    "The incessant coverage of the tiny minority of Saddam loyalists still espousing their hatred of America while attacking coalition forces-in relatively small numbers given 150,000 soldiers remain in Iraq-gives one the false impression the war in Iraq and plans for its reconstruction failed miserably."

    "Yet if one views events in Iraq through the perspective of a wide-angle lens, they will see a different picture entirely than the images routinely broadcast from Baghdad."

    "It's a shame major media like The New York Times and CNN with decidedly liberal biases won't tell the story of what's really happening in Iraq. We heard it first-hand from an extraordinary Iraqi woman who visited Barbour County this week"

    "Her answers to reporters' questions may surprise you. The average Iraqi's opinion of President George W. Bush?

    "I think if he goes into Iraq now, he would get a lot of people kissing his hand," Mayada said in her soft voice. "Very grateful."

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