Organized crime, Danny Greene and bombs....Sweden and bombs.....

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    I recently watched a movie on Netflix about Danny Greene, "Kill the Irishman," organized crime figure in Ohio.....and it was an interesting look at crime in 1970s America....and comparing it to drug gangs in Sweden...

    I know.....weird, but there is an observation here......

    In the turf war in the 1970s, the organized crime outfits used bombs, not guns to kill each other.... 35 bomb attacks against each drug gangs use guns.

    In Sweden...the immigrant drug gangs are throwing grenades at each other and using guns...but it is the grenade attacks that are making things uncomfortable for the Swedish Bikini team.

    Anti-gunners keep saying that gun control in Europe has kept their gun crime down......they are wrong. In the 1970s, American gangs used more they use guns. Swedish crime organizations are currently at the 1970s level of violence...using bombs to attack each other......eventually, they will determine that guns are the most efficient way to kill each other, and they will get those guns no matter how much gun control Sweden imposes on normal Swedes....and the Swedish Bikini team....

    Gun control doesn't work.......the people who determine the level of gun murder and violence in a society are the criminals, not normal people...and any gun control effort aimed at normal people isn't for crime is simply used by anti-gun extremists because they just hate guns....

    Sweden suffers surge in bomb attacks as gang violence rises

    STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - A surge in drug-linked gang-violence in Sweden led to a 60% increase in bomb blasts in 2019, government statistics showed on Thursday, as police work to rid the streets of explosives and guns with more officers on patrol.
    Sweden has been hit by a wave of shootings and bombings over the past couple of years which police have linked to gang conflicts in major cities, shocking Swedes, who have long considered their country one of the safest in the world.

    Some 257 bomb attacks were reported to police last year, up from 162 the previous year, the statistics from the National Council for Crime Prevention showed.
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    What overly kind (and naïve) Swedish politicians have let happen to their once peaceful and harmonious country is one of the most outrageous occurrences in history. Why, oh why, have the Swedish people voted into office such individuals?
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    I don't recall gang members using explosives against each other in the 70's. It was mostly left wing anarchists like Obama's political mentor Bill Ayers.
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