Rules for Politics: A Reminder

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Coyote, Feb 4, 2017.

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    Politics is Zone 2. That means posts must include some content relative to the discussion. Long strings of free form flaming mingling with abundant and over-used memes can be conversational, however the end result has gotten to the point where it resembles the interior of a microwave that hasn't been cleaned for months.

    Seguing onto the microwave analogy: I agree that the blobs of grease mingling with dried bits of rice, chili, soup and spaghetti spatter do produce an interesting pattern in the microwave – let me remind you, this does not constitute art. Neither do successive layers of dried food over time constitute “archeology”.

    A reminder of the rules is in order:

    "Zone 2": Political Forum / Israel and Palestine Forum / Race Relations/Racism Forum / Religion & Ethics Forum / Environment Forum:
    • Baiting and polarizing OP's (Opening Posts), and thread titles risk the thread either being moved or trashed.
    • Keep it relevant, choose wisely.
    • Each post must contain content relevant to the thread subject, in addition to any flame.
    • No trolling. No hit and run flames. No hijacking or derailing threads.

    A little chit chat or joking around is ok, we don't want to be draconian and shut off enjoyment - but the all out flaming and derailing that is occurring when opposing sides attack each other rather than the topic is not ok.

    Memes are like spice - you add a few to liven things up but too much kills a thread.

    Likewise flaming. Are you are adding flames to the content to emphasize a point, like a bit of chili pepper or are you adding content to the flames in order to legitimize them?

    We thank you, in advance, for your cooperation

    The USMB Cleaning Crew

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