Syrian women to the EU: “Kick our men out and send them home – we need them here”

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    Seems plain enough to me!

    Looks like most Syrian men are a bunch of cowardly little pieces of garbage. They leave their mums, sisters, wives and kids so they can go colonize the West and get free welfare like a bunch of lazy bums.

    Voice of Europe ^ | 12/24/18

    The war in Syria has led to a shortage of men in the country. Now the Syrian women want their men back, and ask the EU to “kick them out” so that they return and help rebuild the country.

    The conflict in Syria is coming to an end. Donald Trump has stated that IS is defeated and promised to withdraw all US troops from the area.


    Even Israel argues that the war is over, and Russia Today pumps out images of Christmas celebrations in Damascus.

    The long, bloody war has left deep traces in Syria’s demographics. An on-site reporter notes that “about 70 per cent of the people he meets are young women”.

    “Look around, you see only women. At the University, in the street, in cafes, only women. Most young men left Syria,” says the female students Safaa and Sheima.

    Another woman, Lina, says that Assad should give those who fled from the military service amnesty, but she also has a proposal to the countries that have taken in many men from Syria:

    “The solution is to kick them out and send them back to Syria so they can start rebuilding the country,” she says.

    At the same time, the shortage of men means that Syrian women are making great progress in working life, by entering professions previously dominated by men. “In the past, it was not accepted for women to work in certain areas, but now society is forced to accept it and that is good,” says Safaa.
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    Syria was such a clusterfuck. Manufactured from the start by the Hussein.
    It was his plan to create war there to flood Europe with young terrorists and refugee trash to become an economic burden on Europe. It was completely successful of course, and prolonged the war when Assad could had crushed ISIS easily without interference from the Hussein.
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    In the interest of progressing Syria, let's not allow Syrian men to go home. And in the interest of Russia and of anyone against the socialist, let's not allow the Syrian men out of Western Europe.

    This is a golden opportunity to restore the 50 % population balance of Christianity in that region. With the men going back, the Judeo Islamic mayhem would restart.

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