The Clowns are in Charge.

Discussion in 'Congress' started by Dan Stubbs, May 26, 2019.

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    There have been statement that have come to light in the past three years that have left me scratching my head. Example; “Think about the fact that we had people that are at the highest levels of our law enforcement in this nation saying that they were going to stop a duly elected president of the united States, saying they needed an insurance policy against him,” she added.
    This was made in the DOJ by Agent Page and sounds like over throwing of a President by people in the agency. Prior to that was statement made in the Clinton "Matter" by Agent Comey and others, to the fact she showed no intent to break the law. He wrote a statement prior to him asking any questions to this fact. His boss was Lynch who met with Bill Clinton aboard a Airplane prior to any statements being made by Comey. Just how much real evidence is needed to convict someone of a crime. The democrats have stepped over the line of truth, and fact to cover up and deflect the truth it seems to me. Congress is a joke they have spend so much time on their "Let get Trump" in the past three years and yet they have not even put forth a budget of any type. They all need to be jailed or just removed from office.
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    Watch the movie"Seven Days in May".

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