The Impeachment Process and "Interrogatories"

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    Since the current impeachment process is so irregular that it defies rational description, I wonder if it might be useful for a small group of D's and R's to generate a group of 6-8 "Interrogatories" to be presented to Our Exalted President, just to get his official/unofficial responses to the questions of the day. For example,

    0. Why, exactly, did you delay the funding to the Ukrainians?

    1. Before requesting the Biden investigation from the Ukrainians, did you query your own Justice Department, to see if they had investigated this apparent conflict of interest?

    2. Did you explore the "proper" way of soliciting assistance in an investigation from a foreign government? How much weight did you give to the State Department personnel who were telling you that this course of action was improper or unacceptable? Why did you ignore their advice?

    3. Why did you release the funds that had been delayed? Did you consider that the Ukrainians were ignoring your requests, or refusing to comply?

    4. To what extent did the pending candidacy of Mr. Biden affect your actions vis a vis President Z?

    You get the idea.

    While these interrogatories would be unprecedented, they would at least give the President the ability to put his basic factual case before the public, in a way that every observer could understand. While the answers would surely be self-serving, the ENTIRE PROCESS has been self-serving for the Democrats who are running it.


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