The left is in a similar position to what they were in before Watergate saved them.

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    The left is trying for a repeat of how Watergate saved their hides in the 1970s.

    In 1972, Nixon won re-election in one of the most lopsided Presidential elections ever and the Republicans gained 5 seats in the house and senate. The "silent majority" was sick and tired of the radical leftists. By 1973, Nixon had almost finished the Democrat's Vietnam War on favorable terms. Nixon's first year in office was 1969. The year before he took office, 16,600 Americans were killed in Vietnam. The chart below illustrates how he had brought it to 200 by 1973. Remember that when the left says more Americans died in Vietnam under Nixon. They are counting a year when he wasn't even in office and ignoring the fact that he came in with the war at its height.


    Nixon ending the Vietnam War on favorable terms infuriated the left both because they wanted the Communists to win and because they didn't want the Republicans getting credit for ending the war they started and escalated.

    Then the left was saved by Watergate and they used it to win big in the 1974 mid-terms by using the scandal to discredit the entire Republican party. For decades, Watergate was used by the media to try and paint Republicans as corrupt.

    Today, the left is trying to manufacture a scandal to try and de-legitimize Donald Trump's presidency.

    Here is an article describing how Vietnam War protestors attempted to disrupt Richard Nixon's inauguration party. They were already blaming him for Vietnam on the day he took office.
    Here Is a List of Things Protesters Threw at Richard Nixon During His 1969 Inauguration

    Democrats when Trump was elected:

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    Yeah, the GOP was great at winning elections then. If only they weren't relying on rampant crime to win, maybe they could have kept winning.

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