The Professor & the Madman

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    I watched this last night. If you are a fan of action movies or fast-paced movies, this isn't a title for you, it is very much more a cerebral movie, but fraught with significant tension and emotions.

    Stars Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Natalie Dormer, and Jennifer Ehle.

    The story is allegedly based upon a true story on the principal driver of the Oxford Dictionary and its creation.

    It revolves around the main and principal editor of the Oxford Dictionary, Professor James Murray. The story centers around his appointment to the project and how his idea to enlist the common man in reducing the workload lead to the start of the dictionary.

    I haven't researched the history of the Oxford dictionary so I don't know how true this story is too real-life events, or if there was even an American involved, let alone one who was later diagnosed with schizophrenia.

    Sean Penn's character is that of Capt. Minor and he is incarcerated for being a bit crazy based upon his actions -- which is how Natalie Dormer's character gets pulled in -- and some of his rantings. The Oxford project, when he learns about it, helps him to find a little bit of peace.

    At any rate, Mel Gibson plays Murray, and Jennifer Ehle plays his wife.

    The movie has a lot of wonderful "man driven to his work" tension in it as well as tension regarding a shared bond between two men. Dormer is wonderful, as she is in just about anything and if I had to criticize any performance, it would be Ehle's. But that may not have been her fault as the role is regulated to a minor position which struck Me as a poor choice in plot development.

    I would give it a B+ as some of the acting is a bit flat on Gibson's part.

    Here is the trailer:

    I would give this a positive recommendation to watch, but be sure its when you have some quiet time so that you can follow the dialog.
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