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    Apparently unless you opt out you will be automactically entered into The Sequoia Project, formerly known as Healtheway. It was established in 2012 when the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (HHS). Access to Vets medical information and records by third parties is no longer legally restricted.

    Remember when the treat went around to take away guns from Vets? Clinicians have a duty to protect identifiable individuals from any serious, credible threat of harm if they have information that could prevent the harm. Its a slippery slope that apparently many believe that they have the right to cross.

    Veterans Affairs To Share Veterans’ Health Information Without Consent
    Thousands of veterans were alarmed to learn VA is quietly rolling out is plan to automatically share veterans’ health information with third parties without written consent.

    You got that right. Thanks to the VA MISSION Act, VA will now automatically enroll, or opt-in, all veterans into a health information sharing system with numerous government agencies and private organizations after September 30, 2019, unless you object in writing on a paper form.

    Veterans must submit the VA Form 10-0484 in person or by mail to their local VA Release of Information office by of September 30, 2019, if they do not want to be “automatically enrolled” into the eHealth Exchange managed by The Sequoia Project......

    The form in case you need it
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    They will get ppl to the point of " nobody will even bother with anything any more"
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