Where are the 9/11 apologetics?

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    Found this article today! thought it was interesting! just thought I would share it whether anyone cares to read it or not!

    Reminiscent of the Nazi’s, the unarmed civilians are being massacred almost daily for expressing their “freedom” of opinion in the post-Saddam era against the presence and conduct of the US forces. It was natural for the civilians to demonstrate since they were led to believe that they were being “liberated” by the “Al-Lied” forces. The pro-war camp amongst us should now understand that when the US means a “free” Iraq, it has a hidden clause attached to it, “free as long as the values and interests of the US are upheld”. Hence it is “freedom and peace” by the barrel of the US guns and bombs. Will the “objective” mass media now create another excuse, which somehow puts Saddam (even though he may be dead) as the reason for these massacres? Will the “Journalists” of CNN, Zionist-Sky and Zionist-Fox take note that, if targeting US civilians is an act of terrorism, then so is the targeting the civilians in Baghdad, West Bank or Kabul? As for those 9/11 apologetics that incessantly ostracised the Muslims/Arabs should understand that targeting US civilians has some kind of justification, since they are doing the same thing in far greater magnitude as a nation all over the world, prior and post 9/11. Could they raise their heads and show the same level of enthusiasm at ostracising the US government for these carnage, or will they simply keep quiet hoping for another Iftar (Ramadan) invitation with the murders and war criminals at the US and UK embassies?

    Likewise it incenses the mind, when we see some of our eccentric’s endlessly make noise about the maltreatment of minorities in the Arab/Muslim countries, whilst forgetting how our minorities are treated. Like the 9/11 apologists, they lost their voice and enthusiasm during the slaughter in Gujarat, Bombay and Soorat. Such examples have no equivalence in our lands and history. In fact the comfort that these minorities enjoy in the Gulf/Middle-East is far greater then what our own community receives, despite the fact that we share the same religious/cultural values with the elite Arabs of the region.

    Yamin Zakaria
    UK, London

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