Where are the biological agents?

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    I mentioned this a few days ago, and wanted to bring it up again. Iraq admittedly produced many types of these agents. They were accounted for in 1998 before Saddam ousted the inspectors, but haven't been accounted for since. There was a discepancy in the total amounts they possessed, but even the lower amount that Iraq had declared is amongst the missing. Does anyone care what happened to these "WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION"?

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 27, 2003 -- With weapons of mass destruction, what you don't know can kill you.

    Iraq has persistently lied, delayed and deceived U.N. inspectors who are in the country to ensure it is ridding itself of chemical, biological and nuclear capabilities. One of the biggest problems is just what is the size and scope of the Iraqi biological weapons program?

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    Most people that should have had that kind of information are either dead or in your custody.
    I hope you catch Saddam alive, you could squeeze it out of him. He has been a lying bastard all his life but if he doesn't know it...

    This article suggests 'Unaccounted for' Iraqi weapons may be bookkeeping errors.
    Click here to read the full article

    Ex-inspectors now say, five months after the U.S. invasion, that the notorious "unaccountables" may have been no more than paperwork glitches left behind when Iraq destroyed banned chemical and biological weapons years ago.

    Some may represent miscounts, they say, and some may stem from Iraqi underlings' efforts to satisfy the boss by exaggerating reports on arms output in the 1980s.

    "Under that sort of regime, you don't admit you got it wrong," said Ron Manley of Britain, a former chief UN adviser on chemical weapons.


    A U.S. audit last year, for example, found the Pentagon had lost track of more than one million chemical-biological protective suits, said Mr. Conetta, of the Project on Defense Alternatives, a private think-tank.

    In perhaps the most striking example, U.S. government auditors found in 1994 that almost 2.7 tonnes of plutonium, enough for hundreds of nuclear bombs, had "vanished" from U.S. stocks, because of discrepancies between "book inventory" and "physical inventory."

    I won't rule any probability out anymore

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